The Passed Torch and the Golden Hand – Euro Basket Women!

From growing stars to hoists voices, there were lots to savor at Euro Basket Women 2011.  Not just the passing of the baton to year 2013 hosts France.

Another part of their Euro Basket Women 2011 round-up, Paul discloses more of their memories from Poland.

Exciting Tournament  – Euro Basket Women

It only will not be good if I not reveal on the excitement of watching Euro Basket Women 2011, Elena Danilochkina MVP blossom throughout the tournament. My surviving memories will be noticing her accumulate the award in a wonderfully unassuming way.

Wonderful performance by Elena Danilochkina MVP

She performed such elegant basketball and it was not really her overwhelming shooting that gave me the most enjoyment. It was her decision and composure making that stood out. Once you have the hot-hand same as she had, it will be very attractive to shoot the game ball more and more but she kept a tremendous balance and controlled that specific temptation for the good of the squad.

Ball Handling and Shot Selection

Her shot selection and ball handling was every bit as remarkable as her skill to hardly miss a shot while obviously she was even the answer to prayers of Russia at the point guard spot. Even as, still she likes to be at the two, I suppose Nadezhda have a genuine elite level combo guard for next season’s Euro League Women and an actual smart cookie. I cannot wait to distinguish if she can take her unbelievable summer form into the next season 2011-12.


Without any doubt there can be winning coach Boris Sokolovsky of Euro Basket Women 2011 who came out with the tournament’s quote after his team Russia had just tattered past Great Britain in a staining encounter.

His response to a game that was not precisely pretty for excess of 39 minutes and horribly ugly for the finishing seconds was to affirm “It was not basketball. It was Vancouver Canucks next to Boston Bruins.”

It was a standard line that really served as an appetizer for one of the most unforgettable and stressed conferences of post-game I have ever listened as the relevant coaches organized to have an actual spat in front of handful representatives of media.

Even as Sokolovsky sustained with his opening declaration, coach Tom Maher clearly of Great Britain felt the Russian play-caller was mitigating the contentious elbow by Ilona Korstin that led to her being banned and as a result you could cut the nervousness with a knife.

An annoyed Maher reacted with “Where I am coming from you do not preserve shameful-shots so I presume we have to live in a different locality”- with a strong dose of sarcasm when he declared “It should be so difficult for Russia having to perform a team same as Great Britain.”

After that as things susceptible to boil over for a specific moment, Maher stood their ground and declared “I’m not having someone call my team grubby.”

It was oral sparring at its finest between two cunning coaches and made for immense entertainment.

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