Hollingsworth all set to sway with Turkey – Euro Basket Women

With the contribution of offended star Nevriye Yilmaz at Euro Basket Women still undecided. Turkey have been specified a massive boost after Quanitra Hollingsworth announced her objective to suit up once more.

Talking to the website of Turkish Federation after recently declare a champion at the Final Eight of EuroLeague Women in Ekaterinburg. Acceptance Hollingsworth emphasize her wish to pull on a Turkish vest once more.

“I cannot wait to join again the national squad and move in the direction of a common goal,” declared by the center, who scored 10.8 points as well as 5.7 rebounds last summer in the British capital.

“I have chased my team-mates, all they had a wonderful season.”

“Younger and new players will join us in full buoyancy that we will be a very good team again.

“In May, spirit of our team will carry on, with the beginning of our arrangements” declared Hollingsworth.

Turkish Team – Euro Basket Women

The new 25-year-old turns into the first passport holder of Turkish team to win the title of Euro Basket Women and did so for hosts UMMC next to Turkish opponent in the type of Fenerbahce. However, she is fast to express the attitude that the Final wasn’t as one-side.

It was their first time performance at the Final Eight of Euro Basket Women and it was actually unbelievable, declare Hollingsworth.

We move out and get success in the game and we had lots of experience. Fan’s support of our team was also a major benefit.

“It is not that simple to win against Fenerbahce. Definitely they have strength in their team that is crucial and they are esteemed by everyone.”

She sustained, “The concluding game wasn’t a real signal of the difference.

“But I should say that we get ready for it all through the year and by turning into the champions of EuroLeague Women, we got our objective.”

Hollingsworth got the chance to go to Russia as of her Turkish nationality and added that performing for her accepted nation had assisted her make the step up and finish in a highly challenging UMMC frontcourt revolution.

She declared, “In the last summer, playing with the nationalized team gave me the assurance to get this success in my personal career.

“I will keep on moving forward on the right way”

Fairly whether that indicates getting onto the pedestal in France could pivot on the strength of her associate in the paint.

FIBA – Euro Basket Women world championship

With a position at the next year FIBA World Championship already available as host country. It could confirm a tough decision for Turkey regarding whether they get their star performer back. Also, how much Yilmaz is capable to perform.

Alternatively, Turkey cannot be too cautious or choosy as they are not accurately stack with confirm centers and forwards. The only reason they primarily turn to Hollingsworth.

Similarly, they will recognize it is a wide-open competition. The chances of one more podium finish will be high if there is any possibility to utilize the vastly classy and experienced Yilmaz.

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